Excerpt from the Julie Murray Studio webpage: 

I just like to make things.

My first experience with clay was as a little girl when I discovered it tucked in along the shoreline of a Minnesota lake. I dug it out and made pinch pots, glazing them with old oil paints that I found in our shed. It was love at first sight. From there it was watercolors, textiles and beautiful papers; but I especially love working with clay; making something beautiful and unique from a ball of, well, mud. 

For me, being a potter is more than physically forming the clay; it's where I can totally immerse myself in the process, transcending time and conscious thought. I may begin with a plan or idea, but in the end, the clay decides what it will become. I try to learn something new every day, to improve and inspire - to make my pottery useful, special and unique. I create from the heart - what I do is truly a labor of love.

Most of the vintage items offered on this site are from my own personal collection of pottery, art, textiles and miscellaneous little things I have found over the years. Flea markets are a passion (and a curse) and as I have been a collector for most of my life, I have amassed a lot of "stuff" that still sits in boxes waiting for me to rediscover and fall in love with all over again.

I am one of those people who gets attached to "things" and sometimes it's hard to let go, but eventually they will make their way into my shop. I offer a few of them now in the hopes that they will find good homes with some of you :)

I also do a little artwork aside from pottery, so some of my weavings, mixed media and other items may appear from time to time.

I hope you enjoy browsing the Studio and that you will visit again soon. 


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