Information on this vintage Ludwig Red Vistalite Pro Beat kit:

I bought this kit brand new in 1976. I had planned to buy a blue kit until I actually saw a red one in person. These are awesome looking drums. I'm selling the drums only - no stands, snare, throne, pedal, etc are for sale. The original black fiberboard cases are included if you want them, though the leather straps on some of them will need to be replaced.

Sizes are: Mounted toms - 13 & 14"; Floor toms - 16 & 18", and Bass drum - 24". All have new Evans black hydraulic Level 360 batters and Level 360 pinstripe resonants. Bass drum has emad batter and eq3 resonant heads. I still have the old clear Ludwig batters for all drums if you should want them, too.  

They have all original parts. The drums have never needed repair; the seams are all good and have held up quite well over the years. All in all, these drums are in great condition and instantly playable. Below you will find contact information and recent videos of each drum.  

They are in-home drums, played out only maybe a half dozen times. The chrome is in great shape. The acrylic has a few very minor surface blemishes that you would expect to find on 44 year old drums. There are two small nicks (see close-up above) on the top of the bass drum where a tent collapsed on our band due to high winds during a Gasparilla gig one year - caused by an errant cymbal which got knocked over.  

I am the only owner in the history of this kit. Another useless fact is that no one else has ever played on them. It's taken me many years to adjust to the idea of selling them, but I don't need them anymore and it's time to sell them to someone who will appreciate and/or play them. Lowball offers will not be considered as I'm in no hurry to sell.  

I live in Tampa, FL, and prefer to sell the drums locally rather than attempt to ship them. These drums are too large for my car, so I can't meet you with them somewhere. But if you're in Florida you will be getting a sweet set of drums.

Video clips:        13" tom,     14" tom,     16" tom,     18" tom,     bass drum.   18" vid doesn't show the legs, but they are included.


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