Offsite audio and video recording:

"Wow! You really know how to record and polish up a sound!!...Your courteous professionalism at the event was most appreciated - especially since I was a little nervous over the event because of having my attention divided between that important performance and chairing the whole conference! may use me as a most enthusiastic reference for your high quality work. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with you, and I look forward to our future projects." - Duncan M.

"The concert recording sounds great! I don't know how you managed to make the room sound so quiet with all of the street noise, A/C noise, etc., but it's really really good." - Larry K.

"For live recording, I don't think I've heard a mix sound as good. I listened to them with headphones on and the clarity was terrific." - Bill O.

"Just wanted to let you know that 'C' got accepted to the FSU Honors Piano Camp! Thank you for the recording and for working with her! She also got a small scholarship too so that was nice!!" - Cricket H.

"Thanks for your good work and professionalism. It's great to know that I don't have to worry about the recording because you know the room, and you know us, and you know how to do your thing. Nice to be able to leave that part of the concert experience to you...." - Larry K.

""I freaking love it!" - Danny R.

"""I appreciate your patient and thorough work on this project. It is always a pleasure to work with you, and I always look forward to it.""" - Duncan M.

Digital sound processing & restoration, and CD artwork:

re: a cherished old cassette tape of her father's singing and piano playing

"They are here! I am speechless. The art work is spectacular...there is not enough money in the world to pay for something this priceless. I know what the tape sounded like when I sent it to you. YOU'RE THE BEST. I should put you in my will!!!

This is the best Christmas gift of my life. I will be in touch with anything I might need in this line and everyone I know, including God, will either have your business card or know your website address." 

- Jo-Anne A.

Digital sound processing & restoration:

" folks took an old audio magnetic tape and put it on a disk for me. You had to do a lot of work to make it audible and understandable. It was a very difficult job...and you did a very good job for me." - Dan F.

"Thanx for recording that tape. It was fun to listen to and hear my grandmother Fifi again. She was my mom's mom and then my cousin is on the tape as well. I will send it out to my mom's brothers and my cousin. I think they will enjoy it!" - Amanda G.

"I can't describe the jolt down memory lane I had listening to the first few tracks off the reggae tape. That music is from a semester I spent in Jamaica in grad school circa 1989. It was one of the most memorable, fun years of my life and the minute the first notes played, I just saw my friends dancing. I've been afraid to play that tape for years, it was so fragile. Yet I couldn't throw it away ... This is wonderful!!!" - Krista G.

"Thank you very much for the photos and inserts, very, very nice! Much appreciated, as well as the MP3s. Thought you'd like to know I'm getting some great reviews of the cd, especially the cover. The cover is outstanding, nice color work, looks great. I'm listening to the 1st cd now, very nice." - Mark C.

"Thanks for following up. We received them all. Thank you so much for an outstanding job on this."

- Julie W.

"All I can say is WOW! This sounds great! Way clearer than the audio Tapes!.... Thanks! Your service and the end product are astounding!" - Mark L.

"I received the CD's and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with them. You did an outstanding job, even with the songs at the end. They may not be perfect, but we can at least hear them now! Thank you very much! If I have the opportunity to recommend you to someone, I most certainly will." - Christine P.

"The CDs arrived today and are GREAT! Thanks for the attention you gave this project. Looking into another item I would like to have you convert. Will advise if I can find the record." - Doc

"...we safely received your package with the CD's of Mr. C's tape a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful job. He is so happy with it and grateful that it's finally done. Thank you very much!" - Hannah A.

"...incredible! Very nice, Jeff, very nice. These are 'crisp' as crisp can be! I appreciate what you've done with all this project, your heart is in the mix. Thanks, Jeff....wanted you to know, I'm blown away."  - Mark C.

"I must admit, I can hear a clear difference!" - Jeff B.

"Just a quick note to let you know that I received the CD last week, and it's terrific." - Larry R.

"Thanks for doing the extra work. It sounds good. I can't believe we used to sound like that!" - Nancy R.

Wedding audio:

"It's perfect!!! It was really good before but now it is even better. I love it. Thank you again. I cannot wait to share it with everyone." - Christi H.

"It's PERFECT! I love it!!! Thank you so much for doing such a great job. I truly appreciate the time you took to make this song so special and meaningful for me." - Linda F

"I received the CD yesterday and it is wonderful. I cried of course. Not only was it great to hear my brother's voice again but what a surprise it was to hear my Father speak when giving me away, "I do, her father." He has been gone for 27 years. You will never know how much this CD means to me, and I cannot Thank You enough for your caring and the effort you put into making this very special for me. The label is beautiful also. I can't wait to play this for my brother and sister when I go home Tuesday. I will cry all over again, but these are happy tears." - Joan D.

Meet Tango / Somebody's Home Security CDs / Moving Waters & Florida Surf CDs:

"I played the sample and my German Shepherd REACTED to it! He immediately got up, came into the room and was barking ferociously at "Tango". I could not get him to settle down for about 5 minutes. It was SO REALISTIC! I purchased it to give to a friend of mine who is recently widowed and lives alone." - mundomistico

"Thank you so much for the bonus waterfall CD. I love it. Your Security CDs really make me feel secure when I leave my home." - Jenifer

"...this is such a great idea and exactly what i was looking for...i sell on ebay and i think you would do very well with the cd's...

thanks again, jeff, for your terrific customer service." - Marty

"The dog barking cd arrived June 24/09. Thank you for the fast service. I left you a positive feedback." - Reg (ebay)

"Made my heart jump, cat's eyes bulging, hair stood up on her back, Great CD A+++" - 59elco 

"The CD scared my other dog." - malik123namllog123 

"Nice product, very clear sounds ++++" - pictain

"Had to tell ya....pretty cool man... ~~~^..^~~~ " - infriggencredible

"MUCH better than I was expecting. The timing and realism are fantastic!!!" - geche 

"Dog sounds so real it even fooled my dogs, great buy. THANKS" - fancy 7923 

"I received CD yesterday, thank-you for your service, it's just what we wanted." - Joanne 

"Great barking dog scared my poodle." - yankus0hdv 

"THANK YOU SO MUCH, I will be doing business with you again. The TANGO cd works perfectly for what I need it for, and I love the waterfall, very relaxing." - Cookie

"Great set of CD's" - Bob/Seattle

"Thanks, I have it now. Really nice recordings, btw!" - Terry B

The Ultimate Halloween Sounds CD:

"great item kids love it thanks again" - jls2005

Digital remastering:

"The CDs sound uniformly excellent and I'm really happy with how all turned’s a huge relief to have this stuff digital. I was especially surprised to hear the 1976 demo – you really rescued it. Thanks again for so much good work. A totally enjoyable process." - Damon M.

WOW!...the difference is unbelieveable. Soooo much better tweaked, it's balanced ( I'm wearing headphones ) better highs, the vocals pop out of the mix and the muddiness of the entire mix is gone. Simply amazing...Thanks! - Bill O.

Custom digital artwork:

"I received the covers today and just wanted to say thank you! They look great!!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job." - Mia

Digital sound processing & restoration:

"Well, I have to say...Wow! Sheesh, these kicka$! Some of them have depth that I've never heard before, very nice." - Mark C.

"OMG!!! That is freekin' awesome, man! Your name is gonna get passed around, dude. For sure" - Jim D

Analog to digital conversions:

"My sweet wife loves the CD'S also and agrees they will make wonderful gifts for our family and friends next Christmas." - Dan H.

"I received the CD's and they sound great. Thank you for your help." - Erick M.

"It sounds great. Thank you." - Andie

"The cassette and CDs arrived safely. Thank you for the extra CD by the way! The recordings sound fantastic." - Shanna G.

"Thanks Jeff, great doing business with you." - Olan R.

"Thanks so much for your service, updates along the way and your attention to my order. You did a spectacular job. Thanks so much. It is a joy to hear what was on the tapes." - Judy G.

"I was pretty amazed at what you were able to do with it. I will recommend you to anyone who needs that kind of service." - Carol C.

"I got them and they are great - thanks so much!" - Michele H

"sounds great man!" - Ed P.

"Thanks so much for all of your help with these and your fast turnaround time." - Erin M.

Album to CD conversion:

"Got the albums. They sound great. I will certainly recommend your services to others should they inquire." - Fred M.

Wedding slideshow:

"I just watched the slideshow with music that you did.

It worked, I'm sure, perfectly.

It made me get all teary eyed.

It is fantastic!

What a great gift!

I know Linda will love it." - Dan T.

Web design:

"You are a freakin Genius...." - Kevin P.

"It looks fabulous - you are a true Master! I thank you oh so much." - Tracy R.

"Finally got the time to check out the website. It looks great. Just wanted to thank you for everything you do. Your enthusiasm and energy are appreciated." - Jeff M.

"just wanted to tell you how pleased i am with the site, and i've heard nothing but great things about it. You're da man.... ; ) ...Thanks man for all the help......" - Tony S.

"The entire band has all visited the photo site and loved the superb job you did, they were all very complimentary....Excellent work...the peel off effects & various overlays are great!...I am very happy with the excellent job you did." - Robin W.

" have created lovely work...crisp, clean, elegant and lovely! Well done...It's great working with you. I love your direct approach to each issue. You make this a fun and exciting experience...Thank you for your time, talent, perception and quality work. You're appreciated!" - Lily Ana S.

"Its Fricken awesome!...I really really like it! - John L

"I would like to give you a $50.00 bonus for the great work you have done. I appreciate it." - Karta I.


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