Multi-instrumentalist Jeff Williams has completed his Rhythmagination music project which will soon be featured here at BluEarthArts.  It originally began as one large project, but over time the compositions evolved toward two distinct and disparate directions - downbeat and 'chill', and upbeat and more percussion driven. So, the one project became two.

'Rhythmagination' compositions, scheduled to be released officially by April 8, 2019, are an eclectic and varying blend of blues, jazz, world, electronic, progressive, and new age genres, often with a strong percussive drive and exploratory instrumental journeys (e.g., "Blue Night" and "Philosophical Flux").

Jeff is currently laying the groundwork for his next project.  Intended to be melodic, low-keyed, and soothing - this will be an exquisite blend of electronic, "chill", and new age genres expressed with high definition sound crafting for the discerning listener. 


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